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Audio related

  • Customer feedback that he was speaking in the meeting participants
    Please check the microphone settings, you can test the microphone in the client settings of Umeet;
    Check if the computer audio is connected;
    Check if the microphone is muted.
  • Customer feedback that he could not hear others in the meeting
    Please check whether the other party has connected computer audio and whether the microphone is muted;
    Please check if you are connected to computer audio;
    Please check that you have selected the correct playback device and adjusted to the appropriate volume (you can test the playback device in the settings of the Umeet client);
    Please check that the playback settings are correctly installed and connected to the computer.
  • Customer feedback heard echo in the meeting (self-speaking)
    Please check if there are participants close to each other, such as multiple equipment colleagues in the same room joining the same meeting;
    Participate in a meeting through a USB microphone on a PC/Mac. It is not recommended to use the built-in microphone and speaker of the notebook;
    The volume of the speaker and audio is set too high;
    Open the participant list of the PC/Mac Umeet conference client, and see who have their microphone signs flashing. If the other party is not speaking and his microphone is flashing again, it means that the echo is coming from him, please mute him and tell us the following data:
    The environment of the other party: office, home, outdoor, public place;
    What microphone is used: built-in or USB.
  • How to get a better voice effect?
    Test and select the correct microphone and speaker before the meeting;
    Join the meeting via USB microphone on PC/Mac, it is not recommended to use the built-in microphone of the notebook;
    Do not turn on the hands-free mode on iOS/Android. If you want to use the hands-free mode, please mute the microphone;
    Please try to use high-quality omnidirectional microphones in the meeting room;
    If you join the conference via WIFI, please ensure the WIFI signal strength;
    You can turn off the video to get better voice quality by joining the 3G conference;
    If the customer’s environment has a lot of background noise, it is recommended to mute the microphone or find a quieter place;
    If there is an echo in the meeting, it may be that 2 or more participants are located very close. For example, if multiple devices in the same room join the same meeting at the same time, it is recommended to mute the microphone and turn it on when speaking;
    Please make sure that the notebook is in "best performance mode", not "most power saving mode".
  • What is the highest sampling rate of Umeet sound?