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In this epidemic, we are duty-bound!

Date:2020/12/28 view:552

The 2020 Spring Festival is destined to be unforgettable

An epidemic makes Wuhan the focus of China

From "what a big deal" to the mask out of stock

From the lockdown of Wuhan, many provinces have successively strengthened epidemic prevention measures

From the Spring Festival movie files all withdrawn to panic


"Safe and healthy" has become the most popular blessing this year




Coronavirus disease

People can't help but think of SARS in 2003

In the year that SARS broke out, many people were still students

To the disaster caused by the major epidemic to the society

The feeling is not very clear


Now, the disease is coming back

Central emergency deployment and response

Local provinces and cities respond to the call to strictly control the epidemic

A large number of medical staff have gathered across the country

"Regardless of remuneration, regardless of life or death",

Urgently assist Wuhan in a warrior-like posture

Enthusiastic people from all walks of life appealed for donations online

Small citizens consciously reduce or do not go out directly


In the face of danger

The Chinese people are united

Work together to win this battle against the epidemic



Affection for the Nine Provinces

Umeet actively responds to the call

Fully fulfill social responsibilities and support medical institutions in epidemic areas

Perfectly solve most communication problems

Realize the rapid grasp of the latest developments of the epidemic by scattered medical staff

Timely response strategy

Helping doctors and patients to isolate but making communication between the two parties unhindered

At the same time effectively reduce the waste of protective materials