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  • The H323/SIP terminal has switched(Video+Share) when sharing?
    The data flow shared by H239/SIP is one-way. If the other party's device is in the NAT, the RoomConnector cannot send the shared data in. Solution: RoomConnector and H323/SIP terminal are deployed in the same NAT, the same network If the RoomConnector is on the public network, the H323/SIP terminal device is bound to the public network IP address, or the "one-to-one NAT" function is enabled on the NAT to map a public network IP to the H323/SIP terminal.
  • How does the MCU of the the conference
    Please add the RC as a terminal on the MCU, then call the terminal and join the meeting through the bottom of the welcome interface. Some MCUs (such as Poly) support ##conference number when adding RC as a terminal.
  • Which hardware video conferencing systems are compatible with?
    Fully compatible with hardware video conferencing systems based on H323/SIP protocol (list of tested and verified hardware equipment manufacturers: Poly, LifeSize, Cisco/Tandberg, TelyHD, Aver, Huawei, etc.. Video resolution depends on the stability and bandwidth of the network , If the network is in good condition, it can reach 720p. If the bandwidth is not good, the bit rate and frame rate of the video will be reduced to reduce bandwidth usage.
  • When inviting a hardware conference room, how many incoming?
    When inviting a hardware conference room, the client currently displays two incoming IPs at most. If the email template is modified, multiple incoming IPs can be displayed in the invitation email, but the client displays two at most.