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  • Software installation prompt: unable to find the entry
    This situation indicates that the machine where the client is being installed lacks the VS2008 runtime. Just install the VS2008 runtime library on the machine. You can download it yourself or contact Umeet technical support staff to provide it.
  • Reasons for Windows client installation failure:
    3000 Installation failed to write files (please restart the computer and then install)
    10001 Out of memory
    10002 Wrong input (installation package is damaged, anti-virus software false alarm)
    10003 Incomplete data
    10004 Failed to delete folder
    10005 Unknown error
    10006 Failed to copy files (please check disk free space, anti-virus file false positives)
    10007 Failed to create file
    10008 Failed to create directory
    10009 Failed to delete folder
    10010~10014 Failed to access the registry
    10015 Failed to create shortcut