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Local recording

  • Where are the files after Umeet recorded and transcoded?
    Local recording: You can see your recording path on the settings page of the Umeet client. By default, it is under C drive. You can also modify the recording path.
    Cloud recording: Please contact the service provider where you purchased the Umeet service.
  • When recording the played video?
    This involves 2 encodings, and slight picture degradation is normal. In addition: When comparing two video screenshots, it is best to use the bmp format when taking screenshots. The jpg format itself is compressed, especially the text processing may not be ideal. The text quality will be worse when the screen is scrolled up and down, and the text quality should be restored to a better level after the scrolling is stopped.
  • How much disk space does ?
    360P, 7MB per minute. 720p, 2Mbps *60/8 = about 15MB per minute.