Overseas user registration code

Meeting meeting

  • Interpretation of error codes for meetings/additions
    "The meeting is abnormal, error code 16": Please upgrade the Umeet client;
    102004: The meeting already exists and cannot be created;
    102005: MC server is unavailable;
    102011: Please upgrade the Umeet client;
    103002: The meeting did not start;
    103003: The meeting has been closed;
    103006: The meeting is full and the maximum number of people is reached;
    103011: The meeting is locked by the host;
    104005: The meeting does not exist on MC;
    104101~104118: Cannot establish a connection with the MC server.
  • A certain meeting is abnormal: such as unable to open
    Please provide the following information:
    The email address of the meeting host;
    Meeting number;
    When the problem occurred;
    Is there a problem with only one client or multiple clients;
    Is it short-lived or continuous, and will there be any recovery later;
    Is there any other meeting in the same time period that has this situation;
    Specific problem description and screenshots, the more detailed the better.
  • Unable to meet and join
    Please make sure that the client can access the network normally;
    Please use the client browser to visit to see if it can be accessed;
    Please allow access to MC IP on the firewall/proxy server (TCP:8801,8802,443,8443;UDP:8001,8002);
    Make sure to enter the correct meeting number and password (optional, designated by the host);
    Check whether the status of the MC server is normal.