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Screen sharing

  • Tick the "Optimize video sharing" option when sharing?
    This is because the function of this "optimized video sharing" option is to make the sharing smooth, so when the network is not particularly good, the resolution will be reduced and the video will be blurred.
  • Why is there a black screen in screen sharing?
    Generally, it is because the data connection is not successful when sharing is initiated. If the data connection is unsuccessful all the time, it will cause the add session to fail, and although you can see the meeting window before the failure, you may not see other people’s screens or hear Other people’s voices cannot be viewed on other people’s screen sharing. Generally, it can be solved by re-sharing.
  • Airplay function cannot be used
    PC/Mac and iphone or ipad mobile phones are not in the same network environment (the network segment is different, ping cannot be connected), or the AP isolation function is enabled on the wireless router, please contact the company's network administrator.